The Hooples Album

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Compact Disk – The Hooples Album contains 12 songs including their classics “I’m Running After You”, “Someone” & “You Girl”

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The Hooples Album was recorded initially as a series of hit 45rpm singles starting with “I’m Running After You“, followed by “You Girl” (both songs written by bassist David Lodge) and all recorded at Toronto Sound with Terry Brown engineering. When the original members re-united in 1980, “Someone” came from a session at Nimbus Nine Soundstage Studios with engineer Jim Frank. A series of sessions recorded at Waxworks Studio in St. Jacob’s, Ontario with engineer Steve Morris completed the album.

Major Hoople’s Boarding House, a legendary club band from southern Ontario that toured for over 20 years from the late 60s to the 80s with the original members, Rocky Howell (lead vocal), Gail Selkirk (keyboards & vocals), Rick Riddell (drums), David Lodge (bass & vocals) and Peter Padalino (guitar & vocals). Rocky, Peter, Peter Beacock and and several new members are still touring today. The group name derives from the famous syndicated newspaper comic strip ‘Our Boarding House’ (1936-1984) depicting Amos B. Hoople & his wife, Martha and used by permission of the creator Gene Ahern.

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