The “Could You Ever Love Me Again” Story

“Could You Ever Love Me Again” by Gary And Dave was on Canada’s RPM singles chart longer than any other Canadian record before or since, attaining #1 in November 1973 and staying on the charts for 27 weeks. Written by Gary Weeks and David Beckett in the fall of 1972, the sessions to produce the finished recording took nearly 6 months and two versions but in the end rewarding and magical.

Recorded at Toronto Sound Studios in November, 1972 with musicians Paul Cinch, Stan Theriault and Gary Weeks on guitars plus Peter Goodale on piano and engineer Terry Brown, the track was originally intended as just another song on the forthcoming album. Gary sang the lead vocal and Dave did multiple tracks for the background vocals and it sounded great, but still an album track.

Producer Greg Hambleton: “That same week, recording artist Tom Northcott came to my house for a meeting and when he heard the track, he said, “This song is crying out for strings!” As producer and Axe Records label owner, I paid all studio and musician costs and had to think hard about the recording budget. I decided to take the plunge and asked my music arranger, Doug Randle, to score the string and cello parts on four songs. We recorded them soon after using musicians from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. The mixed track appeared on the original pressings of their first album “Together” early in 1973 – it had no bass and no drums. There are still rare copies of the album out there in its original form.

RPM Chart 17-Nov-73

“Months later after the album’s release, a music director at CJAD Radio in Montreal excitedly called me to say that the reaction to “Could You Ever Love Me Again” was terrific and could be a massive hit if the track had a sound more suited to the hit radio formats.

I took his suggestion seriously so I asked Gary to come to the studio to work with me on the track. Through the glass, Gary saw drums set up in the studio and said, “Let me play drums on this!” I hesitated because Gary had never played drums before. I set up one mike overhead and he laid down the track in one take! My brother Fergus also was in the studio that day and he volunteered to try putting on a bass track. It worked perfectly! Axe 10 - Gary And Dave

The day I came to mix, the large studio monitors had been sent out for repairs but I said to Terry, “I need to get this mixed, I can’t wait two weeks.” Terry wouldn’t do it without using his ‘Big Red’ studio speakers, so I did a quick stereo mix on the 3inch Aurotones speakers and when it was released in late spring of 1973, it was that mix that was used on the AXE 10 vinyl single release.”

London Records distributed Gary And Dave’s vinyl singles and albums in Canada and around the world until London was merged with Universal. Their CD’s and downloads are available on this website. Since 2021, “Could You Ever Love Me Again” and all of Gary And Dave’s recordings are again being heard around the world on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc.