Download Guide

We recommend using a PC or laptop for Downloads

1. Choose the download option if available. Click “Add To Cart”, then click “View Cart”. If you have a coupon, enter it now. If your totals are OK, click on “Proceed To Checkout”.

2. On the Checkout page verify your totals, Enter your Billing details: first and last name and your full address. Enter your email address – make sure it’s correct! Check “Paypal” for immediate download after payment. Read the Terms & Conditions, etc. If OK, check your acceptance. Click on “Proceed To PayPal”. You may use your PayPal account or credit card.

3. After payment, you will be returned to a Confirmation page which will list your Digital MP3 download link(s) for immediate access.

4. Click on the first song title link – wait for your computer to ask if you wish to OPEN or SAVE? Choose SAVE and wait for the download to be completed.

5. Repeat for each file – one at a time.

6. You will automatically receive an email Purchase Receipt which also contains your Digital download link(s). If you don’t see your email after a few minutes, check your ‘spam’ folders. These link(s) will expire in 3 days (72 hours). You may download each song 3 times.

Welcome gift! Use this 5% Discount Coupon on your next download order – Code: “RMJT73ZV” ($2.99 minimum – 1 use & enter it on the Checkout page)

MP3 File Format: Fraunhofer – 128kbps

iPhone & iPad users PLEASE NOTE: Apple iPhones are not friendly to non-iTunes MP3 files. If you have problems, try changing the appropriate permission settings. Also, try this Apple support link and this. For best results, use a desktop or laptop to download your files. If the downloaded MP3 file doesn’t play on your phone or can’t be found, it may be in your phone but not in your music folder.

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