Three Stand Out – This Game Of Life

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Compact Disk – This Game Of Life “Nothing Is Stronger Than Love” and 9 more pop songs featuring vocalist Jennifer Noble.

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Tim Chipman and Jennifer Noble are THREE STAND OUT and Axe released ‘This Game Of Life’ in 1992. Tim and Jennifer got together as a songwriting workshop with producer and Axe Music publisher/writer Greg Hambleton when the three writers discovered they all had a desire to write upbeat melodic pop songs with English 60’s and Brill building influences.

Jennifer Noble, lead singer was born in Hamilton, Ontario but has lived most of her life in Toronto. She studied opera, acted in childrens’s theatre, auditioned and performed all types of shows and concerts. Tim Chipman, was born in Philadelphia, performing and recording as a guitarist in bands such as Gingerfoot, Darkstar and Sunshine River sparked his interest in the recording process.

Tim digitally recorded and played all the music tracks for the Three Stand Out disk ‘This Game Of Life’. Featured singles released originally as vinyl 45rpm disks are “This Game Of Life” (AXE 109) and “Trust Your Own Emotions” (AXE 107).

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