Thundermug Bill, Jim & Ed

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Compact Disk – Bill, Jim Ed Unreleased 1976 album featuring Bill Durst, Jim Corbett & Ed Pranskus with “Trudy True”, “Make Love All Day” & “Goodbye, Remember, I Love You”

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THUNDERMUG’s Bill Durst (guitar, lead vocals), Jim Corbett (bass) and Ed Pranskus (drums) recorded this unreleased album in 1976, shortly after Joe DeAngelis left the band.

With Bill on lead vocals, the three continued touring for several more years. This included the cross-Canada QuadraConcert Tour with The Stampeders (late 1976) and openers for Aerosmith at Toronto’s Massey Hall and with Rush on their Stratford, London and Kingston dates. This re-mixed and mastered version of the “Bill, Jim & Ed” album includes “Trudy True” & “Make Love All Day” and their 1976 45rpm single “Old Songs” b/w “Love Is”. Many years later, Joe and Bill still write and perform together in the Bill Durst Band.

In 1972 “Africa” (AXE 4) became their first big single and a cult favourite on the Axe label and the independent Big Tree label in the States. After Axe released ‘Thundermug Strikes‘, EMI licensed the album in Europe and CBS released a US compilation in 1973. Their 2nd Axe album ‘Orbit‘ was recorded and released in late 1973 followed by their 3rd Axe album ‘Ta-Daa!!‘ (1974) released in the US by Mercury Records. All their albums were produced by Greg Hambleton and are available on this site.

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